Let’s Talk About This Government Shutdown…



This has been the worst shut down in American history. It effect the very fabric of the American society. People who rely of government subsidies such as food stamps and medical care will suffer. American businesses are struggling, and small businesses cant get off the ground. Our National parks and wildlife refuges are being trashed. The infrastructure of our country is not even being rebuilt!

I blame the Democrats and the Republicans led by Donald Trump for not being able to come to an agreement.

We don’t need a border wall! We need security and safety for the people of America! We need criminal justice reform, health care, better and affordable education, care for our senior citizens, a transfer to renewable energy, programs to protect our planet and much, much more!

This is unacceptable on every level! The American people and our planet deserve better than this! As the President of the United States I will make sure this NEVER happens! I will ensure the infrastructure of this country is rebuilt with renewable energy manufacturing. I will make sure every family has health care and affordable quality education. I will ensure every family has the ability to build wealth and I will ensure our planet is taken care of to slow down global warming!

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