Government Spending

Our government needs to change its spending habits. We need more spending on American infrastructure and less on outdated and useless programs.

Our American infrastructure is important because it keeps our Americans working for their families. Infrastructure is composed of public and private physical improvements such as roads, bridges, tunnels, water supplies, sewers, electrical grids, and major ports.


America’s network of surface transportation infrastructure has given our country a major economic competitive advantage in a global economy. Unfortunately, Congress has allowed a vast backlog of deferred maintenance to grow in our existing infrastructure while failing to keep up with growing demand. This has made it harder for businesses to compete, caused workers and families to spend more time stuck in traffic each day, and left much of our infrastructure crumbling and unsafe.

We have infrastructure all across our country that is being ignored. Our American truckers and trucking companies have the biggest risk when it comes to the roads, tunnels, and bridges.  They cross them day after day and no one appreciates the work they do for our economy.

When the roads are icy and blizzards are hitting our mountains and countryside truckers are on the roads. When the roads are flooded and storms are taking our country by surprise our trucks are on the roads. While we get to stay at home and enjoy our day of work, the American truckers are on the road.

Not only do we need to rebuild our infrastructure but we need to build it green and eco-friendly.  America’s infrastructure supports the world’s largest economy across a network of nearly 9 million miles of roadway, 160,000 public water systems, 5.5 million miles of local electrical distribution lines, and nearly 90 million fixed broadband subscribers.

Unfortunately, due to years of underinvestment and deferred maintenance, America is no longer keeping pace and continues to fall behind other countries. By some estimates, the funding gap may be as high as $2 trillion by 2025 across all sectors of American infrastructure.


The failure to properly fund dredging and to accommodate Post-Panamax ships is causing the United States to lose business to Canada and Mexico and places our national security in jeopardy as more goods are brought overland through our borders.

Water and waste

Sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure not only ensure safe drinking water and a clean environment but also strengthens local and regional economies. Years of underfunding, underpricing of water and sanitary services, and increased federal regulatory mandates with declining financial support have led to the current state of aged and overburdened water and wastewater systems across our country. This deterioration of our water infrastructure has been worsened by the challenge many communities face in charging full-cost rates as well as deferred maintenance and replacement of water assets that have outlasted their lifespan.


The internet is a vital part of America’s social fabric and commercial lifeblood. Millions of small and large businesses, schools, and governments now rely on the internet to accomplish routine, day-to-day tasks as well as major logistical operations once carried out with pen and paper. The deployment of broadband networks has driven innovation across the country. Cities of all sizes are using smart sensors that drive down repair costs on infrastructure and help them make smarter decisions about how to use limited tax dollars. Businesses have grown out of garages and moved into downtown office buildings. Classrooms have put the entire planet at our children’s fingertips. Unfortunately, these exciting innovations have not reached all corners of our country – putting many at a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive economy. In short, access to the internet is essential to participate in our economy and our democracy. We need a national commitment to ensure that every American can connect to the internet, and that commitment needs to be on the same order as our country’s commitment to rural electrification in the 1930s.



The Collins Administration will ensure projects to rebuild and streamline America’s infrastructure is fully funded as soon as I am in Office. We will implement transportation reform which will streamline how the transportation industry is operating while also ensuring we are protecting our environment. We will also create a long-term budget for sustaining the American infrastructure. The Collins Administration will work with state and local governments to adopt legislation to incentivize the maintaining of the American infrastructure giving states the flexibility to re-build and maintain these multi-billion dollar assets. This will not only increase the transparency and build the trust of the Amergovernmentrment but it will also create tons of jobs and get our Americans back to work.

The American people deserve to see their tax dollars put to good use.