Protecting Our Middle-Class

Protecting our middle class

Protecting our middle-class is so important. Tons of Middle-Class families in America are struggling to make ends meet. With the ever-increasing cost of living in America and the constant drain on our bank accounts due to inflation, simple necessities such as child care, are impossible.

I am amazed at the resilience of the middle and lower class. This should be a time where everyone should be working together to grow the U.S. economy. Instead, the lifeblood of our economy which is the Middle and lower class is being sucked dry by the rising cost of living.

It’s time for a living wage

It is time that the middle class is shown the appreciation and respect that we deserve by making sure all middle and lower-class families are protected! Most are working in cities they can’t afford to live in coupled with working at hospitals they can’t afford to be sick in.  Not to mention working at companies they can’t afford to make purchases at. The cost of living is outgrowing the living wage in America. We have to have living wages. Our wages must increase to keep up with the cost of inflation.

“Just in time,” CAN NOT be the phrase of the middle class anymore.  Under the Collins Administration, we will bring jobs back to America, raise the minimum wage and get our people back to work. We all deserve to live the American dream!

Furthermore we are seeing a re-segregation of communities not solely based on race, but by the income levels of families. The effect of low income and soaring inflation directly impacts the economy. Have you ever tried to eat with no money? Given these points we must preserve the middle class by raising the minimum wage. We will ensure employees are getting paid their fair share.

The middle class is the lifeblood of our economy.

God bless our middle class.