Caring For Our Senior Citizens

Our Senior Citizens are the most important part of our society.

For years they have taken care of us. They are the reason we exist today. They have led the fight for freedom in our past wars as well as on our home front. Our seniors have worked hard to create the best life possible for their children and their children’s, children.  Now it’s time for us to give back. We ensure they have everything they need to secure a successful retirement.

Senior Citizens are faced with unique civil rights challenges due to their propensity for illness, injury and medical needs. We have to take progressive steps to ensure that our seniors have adequate and affordable health care, access to medication and medical services, quality living facilities. We have to protect the wealth they have acquired throughout their life. Most of all WE MUST PROTECT SOCIAL SECURITY!

Given these points we must recognize that many of our seniors are on a fixed income, we have to put measures in place to prevent savings and retirement funds from being drained by taxes and inflation.

Our Senior Citizens deserve the best during their retirement and we owe it to them.

God bless our Senior Citizens!