Taxes in America has always eaten away at the wealth of middle and lower class families. We are in the process of developing a tax plan that will mutually benefit all Americans and its corporations.

Without going into detail our tax plan must take into consideration, families that with lower income can’t afford to pay the same amount in taxes as wealthy families. Our tax plan is being created to ensure all Americans and corporations are doing their part to help grow the American economy.

The New Deal

We will impose high taxes on corporations who take their businesses to other countries but we will also give tax breaks to corporations who increase salaries for their workers and keep their businesses operating in the United States.

I believe in an America where hard work is rewarded, so instead of offering tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas, we offer them to companies creating jobs here at home.

Use Of Tax Money

If Americans are being forced to give their the money to the government, then it’s the government’s obligation to use that money to create programs that will benefit the people. Programs such as free access to public health care and treatment facilities, limited public welfare assistance, city parks, quality exercise and activity facilities should be readily.

We will chart a path to relinquish people from government dependency, and force them to take personal responsibility for their own future.

Furthermore let’s dedicate ourselves to a new kind of politics. A politics of conscience. One where tax monies being paid will be used for the benefit of all working families.

We must put Americans back to work and start using tax monies to create programs that benefits all Americans.

God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.