Term Limits for Career Politicians

American politicians definitely need term limits. For years our country has been held hostage by “career politicians.” In 2020 This has to change!

The reason we need term limits.

The problem is, there are tons of folks in office that have been there too long. They are out of touch with the real issues of American people. Career politicians also choose loyalty to “political parties,” rather than the best interest of Americans. They have rigged the system in their favor. Democratic and Republican career politicians gerrymander to keep themselves in power, then use fear tactics to keep the American people divided. Consequently causing Americans to fight for a side rather than who will protect and benefit us.

Career politicians created the economic and debt crisis we are in right now. That’s why the approval rating of Congress and the Senate is low.


Moreover, career politicians are corrupted by dark money, special interest groups and super PAC’s, as a result, their judgment is clouded. Much of the money raised by the incumbent politicians in this race came from DC lobbyists, PACs, and special interests. This advantage keeps good people from outside the political establishment from running for office.

In spite of, We can not allow this to continue, therefore setting term limits will prevent this.


Furthermore, it’s hard to ignore the average American is 30 years younger than their representatives. The 115th Congress is among the oldest in American history with an average age of 60.  As of December 28, 2018, five senators are in their 80s, eighteen are in their 70s, and thirty-two are in their 60s. This is unacceptable!

The older our judges and politicians are, the higher their risk of illness or death. In addition to this fact, older politicians simply can’t keep up with the modern world or modern technology. This hampers their ability create laws that would guide us into the future as well as get rid of the laws that do not benefit Americans anymore.

Our country must progress with time. We have to adapt to technological advances.

Career politicians must retire. For instance, I would not ask my grandmother to run the country, therefore we shouldn’t keep expecting these old politicians too.

Above all, Young Americans must stand up and take control of this country! Protesting is not enough. We need to have the courage to contest these career politicians, take these offices and use our various ideas and backgrounds to solve the issues we are facing today.

“Without term limits, every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey” – John Adams.

God bless young America!