Veterans are heroes.  Proper care is our number one goal. Veterans have been the protectors of America since this country has been in existence. Some of us brave men and women have answered the call to serve this country. What we have already achieved through our military gives us hope moreover the audacity to hope. Hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

Putting our veterans to work

In 2016, 20.9 million men and women were veterans. This accounts for about 9 percent of the civilian population, age 18 and over. This means there are 20.9 million (and counting) Veterans that need jobs. Jobs where companies can utilize their experience and knowledge. In fact, most veteran’s bring a level of leadership to these companies that can take companies to the next level.

The goal of the Collins Administration is to honor our heroes by providing this service.  However, in order to accomplish this goal, we must combat issues plaguing Veterans. This issue is care, treatment, and the benefits our hero’s need after separating from active duty service. We can not ignore the fact that most Vets who separate from the Military do not get the proper care and treatment needed. The issues that our veterans face do not magically go away through the transition from active service to civilian life.

Proper care and VA benefits

Our Veterans are heroes, therefore, we need to ensure they are taken care of. We will make sure every VA center in the United States are fully equipped, staffed and available to assist our Veterans in receiving the proper healthcare treatment and benefits they have earned in a timely manner.

It is time to show our Hero’s we appreciate their service to this country by providing them and their families with the service needed to ensure they are properly taken care of throughout their transition to civilian life.

God bless America.